STAMOX™ is a nutritional concentrate designed to enhance Power, Endurance and Recovery 

How You Easily Can Get Better Results and Comfort During Exercise and Competition.
Using the Unique and Patented Red Beet Root Extract Will Give You These Benefits:

  • Improve Endurence
  • Increase Speed
  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Blood Supply
  • Increase Menthal Focus
  • Increase Oxygen Utilization
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Reduce Blood Pressure

Stamox™ is a general health enhancer, but has an unique capacity to help the cell mitochondria to get 15% more ATP (energy carrying molecules) out of the glucose and oxygen which is essentials in the aerobic energy production. 

In addition, Stamox enhance the blood flow, which means the supply of glucose and oxygen to the muscles.
This double effect makes Stamox™ a truly unique and useful supplement to both recreational and top notch athletes and to any health conscious person.

To remove any doubt, every batch of Stamox™ is tested by the anti-doping laboratory in Cambridge, UK, as required by the Olympic Committees in most European Countries. 

Stamox is tested by the HFL Sport Science laboratory, and also assessed by iRELIS, the nutritional and medical committee by Haukeland Medical University Hospital in Bergen Norway.