StamoxVet Faster Races

Give your Horse Better Natural Health,
Endurance and Speed

StamoxVet is now approved by the Laboratory appointed by the Olympic Commettee to analyse any nutritional suppliment to animals and humans. See «Approval»

Here are the most important key benefits of StamoxVet: 

  • Increases the speed with 2,8 %
  • Improves endurence with about 15 %
  • Increases the willingness to exercise 
  • Improves focus and mental alertness
  • Increases the utilisation of oxgyen in the cells  
  • Increases the blood supply and flow to all organs 
The reason that Stamox gives this astonishing effect on high perfroming horses is the following:

«Scientists believe that StamoxVet beetroot powder works by making energy production (in mitochondria) and muscle function more efficient. Evidence supporting these effects points to diverse mechanisms being responsible including increased formation of mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis), enhanced ATP formation at lower oxygen cost, increasing efficiency of mitochondrial respiration and conjunction with the improved metabolic efficiency of muscle contraction».

Needles to say, the quality of the beet root powder is essential to get the good results. StamoxVet is standarized on the essential nutritial values, and is optimized to give the horse a best possible competitive edge.
With StamoxVet «medium performers» suddely 
advances to «top performers», or in best case «unexpected winners.You may be concerned that this must be some illegal doping stuff. That is indeed a concern you must take serious.  But StamoxVet is solely an extract from red beet root, a common vegetable used as feed.To prove Stamox is safe and legal, we have sent the analysis certificate to the Olympic Anti Doping Laboratory in Cambridge for judgement and further analysis. They assert StamoxVet is safe and legal.
How can you horse benefit from StamoxVet?
Give your horse a table spoon of the powder in some good food, or even in some water. Most horses loves it.
Before races you can give up to 5 spoon 2 hours before the race. If it is a long race ( more then an hour) you should should also give a few scoops in the last drinking water before start.